Winter Matchplay Championship 2024

Winter Matchplay Championship 


Winner receives 4 Invites on the 2024 Challenge Tour


 ( based on 128 entries )

Entries Now Closed

" FINALS 16" will be played at The Vale GC on May 10th and 11th



  1. Open to all UK and non UK Professional Golfers and Elite Amateurs.
  2. Information based on 128 entries. (7 rounds of Matchplay to determine an overall winner)
  3. If entries exceed 128 then an extra Preliminary round will be added. The draw will be allocated on a first come first served basis if extra rounds are needed. If entries are less than 128 and a different amount of Preliminary rounds are needed per player, the number of rounds per player will be based on when the player entered the event- ie first player entries play less Preliminary rounds.
  4. If entries are less than 128 the Prize Fund will be lower but the 4 Invites will remain the same regardless of entries. 
  5. Entry fee per player is £120.
  6. Entries are now open on – all entries and payment on line
  7. Entries will close at midnight on December 24th 2023
  8. If Greenfees are required to be paid in the first 3 rounds it will be the reponsibilty of the competitors to pay these to the golf clubs
  9. The Official Draw will be published at 11am on January 5th 2024 on the Blackstar Golf web site.
  10. At the point in time when the draw is published any player who  still holds amateur status will be eligible to win a maximum of £700 of Prize Money, this is in line with R & A rules.
  11. Withdrawals – If a player withdraws before midnight on December 24th he will receive a full refund, less the Paypal admin fee of £3.88
  12. If a player withdraws after December 24th but before the draw is published on January 5th on he will receive 50% of the entry fee back.
  13. If a player withdraws after the draw is published, a player will not receive any of his entry fee back under any circumstances.
  14. If a player is unable to play a match which has already been scheduled due to medical reasons, the game shall be rearranged at the discretion of Blackstar Golf Ltd.
  15. The draw for Round 1 will be split into geographical areas to assist players with travel.
  16. Players will be responsible for organising the matches (date and venue) for the first 3 knock out rounds (and Preliminary Round if needed) during the months of January – April 2024.
  17. The first listed player in each match will be responsible for offering a suitable venue ( this can be the home club of the first listed player ) and 3 different dates to his opponent prior to the end date of each round. Specific end dates for each round will be published when the Draw is published on  Ultimately it is the players responsibility to agree a date. If this cannot be achieved Blackstar Golf will  offer 3 dates to both players. If a date cannot be agreed the result will be determined by the toss of a coin, this will be done by Blackstar Golf on a video call with both players.
  18. Matches should be played from the back tees of the day at the chosen venue.
  19. In the event of a tie after 18 holes the players will continue playing starting at the first tee (or nearest available hole to the first tee if the tee is unavailable) the result to be decided in favour of the first player to win an extra hole.
  20. All local rules in play at the venue will apply to the match.
  21. If a match is postponed due to bad weather, Blackstar Golf can grant an extension to the deadline date if this is absolutely necessary so a winner can be decided.
  22. If a rule dispute arises the players are ultimately responsible to settle the dispute amicably through the Rules of Golf approved by the R & A.  If this is not possible, then a winner of the round can’t be determined, therefore both players would be removed from the competition.
  23. The winner of each match will be responsible to email the result to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .This should be done within 48 hours of playing the match.
  24. Final 16 players to play in the “Matchplay Finals“ at The Vale GC  on May 10th and 11th
  25. Every player who reaches the “Matchplay Finals “will receive prize money.
  26. Prize Fund will be based on a minimum of 128 players.
  27. Once a player has reached the final 16 stage, they are required to send their bank details through the Blackstar contact as detailed below.
  28. Round of 16 defeated players will receive £400 ( figure based on 128 players entering  )
  29. Round of 8 defeated players will receive £500 ( figure based on 128 players entering )
  30. Defeated semi - finalists will receive £750 ( figure based on 128 players entering )
  31. Defeated finalist will receive £1000 ( figure based on 128 players entering )
  32. Matchplay Championship Winner will receive £2000 ( figure based on 128 players entering ) and 4 Invites into events across the 2024 Challenge Tour
  33. Challenge Tour Invite Events will be confirmed in 2024 once the full Challenge Tour schedule has been published and confirmed by the European Challenge Tour
  34. Blackstar Golf’s Director of Golf will ultimately have the final decision on all queries and disputes.
  35. Contact details are 07831 674065 & This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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